Business intelligence

Maximum control of time and costs of the company.
Flexible and extendable to the requirements of each business or company.

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Maximum evidential guarantee

Certification and documentary registry through a digital medium.
100% cover of the most important communications of a company.

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Access and universal validity

Valid with any email, where ever you are.
Available from any device connected to Internet.

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Simple and Robust system

As simple as the email, without changes in procedures.
Information protected against loss of availability, confidentiality and integrity.

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Email with electronic evidence online.

Solutions online of safe communications with tracking and legal documentary evidence in real time. Without installation of hardware nor software with universal validity.

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It eliminates conflicts and it saves costs.

The use of the Confirmsign system in the companies streams, guarantees a saving of between 60% and 90%. Valid anywhere in the world with multiple functions for daily use.

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Flexible solutions for business.

SaaS platform that includes the complete cycle in Cloud that allows adaptations to concrete flows. Flexible and extendable to the basis of the business of each company.

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Verify Advanced Verify

Originality, integrity and condition in real time.

It introduces the CfsCode of your document and verifies the state of the communication or download an original copy.

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