Change air

A place where you can still feel the true sense of freedom.
You will Forget where you came from and you can not forget you’ve been here.

Change your Way

We want you to join us for an exciting path.
We believe that together, the way it will be a great trip.

HHRR ConfirmSign: We are looking for people

That fits into a solid united and bonded team. A few, good ones and an objective to be the first. The rhythm is high, the work is demanding, time is short, the objective very ambitious and the reward high.

A lot to do

We have worked very high to get where we are today and our horizon of work is far and wide. To lead this sector, demands from us to be in permanent new development and innovation.

Talent and implication

Beyond supreme abilities, we are looking for the capacity to make a team and to develop collaborative work. If you decide to get involved in our project and you make it yours as well, you will be participating in our dream.

Fame and Fortune

To be first! The reward to be the first to reach the goal, will be for all of those who decide to join us. To form part of a team in an international and global leader company, will have a great reward.

You want To work

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Desire To work.

To look for work is not just like to want to work

and much less, to have the “desire to work”.

time comes to clock off nobody leaves the office running and forgets our task at hand and our work, we go home thinking about it, we speak about it and we enjoy it here at confirmSign we live and breathe confirmSign.

  • Our goal is great, and you’ll be able to make it happen.
  • We see Challenges rather than Problems. Each task is a challenge and every project the beginning of an improvement.
  • Be aware that what you dowill affect thousands of people and companies around the world who put there trust in our service.
  • In ConfirmSign we take very seriously that you fit in with the rest of the team. Participate!
  • We like and want your experience and outstanding performance in a previous post..
  • That you are a person who has proven track record through a portfolio.
  • That you have a high level and skill set both in professional and personal areas.

in an Team

To be few and but specialized.

We prefer “Mercenaries” to “Soldiers“. We prefer the “Corsairs” rather than “Pirates“. We want an elite group of specialists that can see the same goals as ConfirmSign can see.

We love solving problems, challenging the traditional way of doing things, working in a dynamic, fast, environment to be able to work and get out of the norm. We appreciate all contributions. We specialize in using technology to create simple solutions to complex problems.

To achieve this approach and remain agile, we do not want to be a large team, but the team just to do what is necessary and meet our and the challenges and needs of our customers.

Engaged and Involved

Although it may seem to be the same it isn’t.

Both are very positive values but if we have to choose, we prefer to be committed before involved.

We want people proud of their workplace and to always have a positive vision of the company, highlighting the qualities of the organization and the team.

Your desire to continue working, to see your work as something you like and not just as an obligation. Your commitment is clearly seen in a smile and with a cheerful attitude.

To give 100% or more in everything you do and to go a little further because you like it and you want to do your job. We value those who work for the quality of the result rather than compliance with the schedule.

Being committed with your environment, Thus if you have a respectful and cordial relationship with your teammates it means you are tuned in.

Generate customer satisfaction. Considering these points, your work is excellent and above average, so our customers will be satisfied with your work and therefore with the company.

in Galicia?

The Atlantic Corner.

In Confirmsign We firmly believe that work does not have to be a punishment. We are in Galicia, in a town across the Ria of A Coruña, Oleiros. We like where we are and above all, we want you to like it if you decide to work with us.

Oleiros is just forty minutes from Santiago de Compostela. A city of culture and the end of the Camino de Santiago. Place of Worship, A University town and tourist center.

A Coruña is bound to the Atlantic Ocean. A rough sea that creates legends throughout “A Costa da Morte” and leaves beautiful white sand beaches. Some wild and solitary.

Galicia has been and is a center of the world fashion. The “Galician fashion” remains an engine in the local economy and in its surroundings exists a sophisticated network of business and companies.

Galicia has a strong pool of entrepreneurs and innovative projects. We have talent, knowledge and desire to do things you’ll notice this with each step you take.

Galicia has surf spots even a surf spot that counts towards the WQS world Championship. After each cape you’ll find a wave to ride or wind to hunt. Sea and Mountain go hand in hand with every step.

Our food is spectacular; our seafood is synonymous with natural and healthy. Our green fields of grass feed the oxen and cows that provide us with the best meat and milk.


Candidate Registration Form.

If you feel that you meet some of these requirements it is likely we have a place for you. We emphasize that it is extremely important to ConfirmSign to find people capable of cohesion and to work with an existing team and self demand to participate in a very large project. We take our time to select a new part of this team and we take special care of those who form part of it, we want them to be are comfortable and motivated.